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Rotari Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut is obtained from a careful selection of the best batches of Chardonnay grapes cultivated in the vineyards on the sunny hills of Trentino, which are located at near mountain altitudes. The alpine climate with its warm and relatively dry summer days and cool nights, together with a unique soil, which is rich in minerals, ideal for the cultivation of the grape, enables a perfect maturation of the grapes that at harvest have rich aromas and a natural acidity, making this product one of the best expressions of the Trentino sparkling wine tradition.It is produced following the strict rules of the “Metodo Classico”, with the second fermentation and ageing in the bottle, and respecting the Trentodoc appellation. Most of the base wine ferments in steel tanks. Only a small part ferments in lightly toasted oak, in order to enjoy the wine at best, without covering the fruity aromas of Chardonnay with heavy oak notes. During the 48 months of ageing on the lees, the wine begins to form its character, developing lots of fine bubbles and fragrant, complex and persistent aromas.It is classified as an Extra Brut which allows all the characteristics of the varietal and the terroir to be enjoyed, offering to the palate the particular flavour of the winemaking process.
Elegant, smooth and persistent perlage, light yellow in colour with very delicate hints of straw.The bouquet boasts intense and elegant varietal notes of ripe fruit, golden delicious apples and pineapple, resulting from the high difference in temperature during the grape maturation. Rich fruity notes and bread crust aromas from the long refinement in the bottle complement this complex and aromatic bouquet. The taste is intense, fragrant and well balanced with a dry and mineral style, typical for high-altitude sparkling wines worthy of the Trentodoc seal of quality.Long and persistent aftertaste of dried fruit and hazelnuts.
This complex wine pairs well with the best Italian and international cuisine. Particularly with sea crudités, raw scampi and oysters, as well as rich fish dishes, risotto and light meat dishes.