Alcohol content
Serving temperature
The base wine that is produced in September is allowed to rest untilFebruary. Then, the winemakers taste the individual lots again in order toselect the best Pinot Noir & Chardonnay to create the cuvee for Rotari2016. The best tasting, richest, and fruity Pinot Noir is selected along withthe most elegant, crisp, mineral driven Chardonnay. These lots are thenmarried together with 5-7% of Chardonnay fermented in oak with partialmalolactic fermentation. Once the cuvee is made, the wine is coldstabilized, filtered and ready for the second fermentation. Secondaryfermentation is maintained at a critically controlled temperature ofapproximately 53-56°F. First the filtered wine is chilled to 53°F and thenchilled yeast is added to make sure a slow fermentation is maintained fromthe outset. This approach guarantees that our fermentation lasts for at least40 days. This discipline is what develops the fine perlage found in Rotari.

Rotari Blossom 2016 rests sur-lie for more than 24 months at atemperature of between 56-58°F. During the aging process we conduct aroutine remuage utilizing giro-palettes. Following the aging in the bottle,we perform the disgorgement and addition of the proprietary dosage. Thedosage is comprised of Chardonnay from the same vintage matured inneutral oak barrels which provides the wine with greater aromas withoutoak impact.
Beautiful salmon color, with a hint of violet, and copper hues.
Aroma of fragrant red fruit with a floral note and aromas ofpastry on the nose, and slightly yeasty and brioche character.
Rotari Blossom is a vibrant expression of fresh, fragrantfruits, with zesty acidity and minerality.
Lovely as an aperitif or paired with appetizers, risotto,or light meat dishes.