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Arte Italiana


Arte Italiana


Production area The vineyards are located on beautiful hills along the Adige Valley at an altitude ranging from 1,150 to 2,000 feet above the sea.
Grapes Chardonnay
Characteristics The wine showcases a straw green color with elegant yellow notes. The bouquet is rich, bursting a miz of fruits and white flowers and enriched with pleasant and delicate yeasty notes.
Full and viscous texture. The perlage is persistent, fine and elegant.
Alcohol content 12.5%
Serving temperature 42-44°F


Only the best grapes are carefully selected and picked by hand by our wine growers, and then quickly carried to the cellar to be processed into wine.
After de-stemming and crushing, the must is cooled to 53°F and rest in contact with the skins for several hours, in order to slowly extract the elegant and rich aromatic compounds. At the end of the cold maceration phase, only the free run must rich in fragrances and flavors is collected. No pressing is performed avoiding the extraction of polyphenols and tannins into the must.
To preserve the aromatic richness of the Chardonnay grown in the beautiful Dolomites area, vinification takes place exclusively in steel tanks with no aging in oak barrels. During the maturation in tanks, the base wine is periodically subjected to re-suspension of yeasts for a few months, which provide richness and fatness in addition to aromatic complexity. The base wines are all subjected to malolactic fermentation in order to increase the aromatic complexity and the viscosity on the palate. Rotari Brut is processed according to the method champenoise. The second fermentation lasts several days and it  takes place in the bottle. The same bottle where the wine rests on the yeasts for months.

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