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Vintage dated

Brut Platinum

Vintage dated

Brut Platinum

Production area The winemakers taste the individual lots again in order to select the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Characteristics Brilliant straw-gold, effervescence is dense and persistent, with fine, vibrant bubbles. Initially the nose is aromatically expressive, and lifted with aromas of toast, wild-flowers, stone fruit and fresh pineapple with notes of minerality. It is immediately appealing with its lively presence and vibrant mousse. The mid-weight palate portrays honey-suckle, nectarine, with toasty compliments of light spice and river-stone.
Alcohol content 12,5%
Serving temperature 46-48°F


The base wine that is produced in September is allowed to rest until February. Then, the winemakers taste the individual lots again in order to select the bestPinot Noir & Chardonnay to create the cuvée for Rotari 2016. The best tasting, richest, and fruity Pinot Noir is selected along with the most elegant,crisp, mineral driven Chardonnay. These lots are then married together with 5-7% of Chardonnay fermented in oak with partial malolactic fermentation. Once the cuvée is made, the wine is cold stabilized, filtered and ready for the second fermentation. Secondary fermentation is maintained at a critically controlled temperature of approximately 53-56°F. First the filtered wine is chilled to 53°F and then chilled yeast is added to make sure a slow fermentation is maintained from the outset. This approach guarantees that our fermentation lasts for several 40 days. This discipline is what develops the fine perlage found in Rotari.

Rotari Brut 2016 rests sur-lie for several months at a temperature of between 56–58°F. During the aging process we conduct a routine remuage utilizing giro-palettes. Following the aging in the bottle, we perform the disgorgement and addition of the proprietary dosage. The dosage is comprised of Chardonnay from the same vintage matured in neutral oak barrels which provides the wine with greater aromas without oak impact.

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2022 James Suckling
89 PTS.
2021 Sakura Wine Awards